Monday, February 19, 2007


I went to our knitting guild tea. I won the one of the door prizes the felted vase and scarf. I had a lot of fun it nice to be with others that have the same obsession, I mean interest. (how do you cross out words?)
The socks are the first finished pair of 2007, they are tight on me so they go to my best friend.
made from Opal Lollipop color 1015. I had jury duty 1/2 so I took Socks that Rock, Mustang Sally with me and started socks from IK fall 2003. They are almost finished the toes need done on both. I liked knitting with the yarn, we'll see how it wears. I made a Calorimetry I really like it. I want to knit another in a tighter gauge less wind seepage.


Dot said...

Wow, that is so cool. You always win something!!! I'm glad you had a nice time, I wish I could have been there with you.

To cross out words, it is html code. < s > no spaces then your word no spaces < / s > That should work, if it doesn't, go to blogger's help page and they have the directions.

Good luck, love you!!!


ByTheBay said...

Thank you SO much for stopping by my blog to let me know you liked the bread recipe! That made me smile. If you have any interest, I'd love if you were the first one to review the recipe on RecipeZaar: