Sunday, July 11, 2004

just rambling

I finaly got the starting row on the body on the Philosophers Wool Stars sweater set-up know I have to decide wheither to knit in the round or back and forth. The LYO said she would teach me to two color purl, and that I would be happier wiht the finish. Not that she has any thing agaist steeks she is just of the opinion, that the yarn should be finer.
Still working on the clover leaf, must take a picture, everytime I use the camera it crashes my system. Wish I could upgrade.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Treats and trinkets

Hubby brought home goodies from his campimg trip. I got a picnic basket (to put yarn in he said), maple syrup in a pretty little bottle with a glass stopper, a maple moose lolly pop, and maple sugar candy with I ate already mmmmmmmmm. Oh and a sweatshirt.

I have a bout an inch done on the cloverleaf lace, on the homeward stretch.