Monday, May 15, 2006

Tempting ll

Here's a bad picture of Tempting II from I used 5 balls of Calmer. I made it a little longer and did not do the buckle.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

another pic of the star sweater

I am working on Tempting II from
amd a shrug from knitpicks shine. Anyone how does this wash? Still working on two pairs of socks. Haven't knitted in a couple of days. Its been very very strange around here. Some one totaled husbands truck while it was parked at 11:30 pm. One dog got out and went to play in traffic, he's ok but I think an angel moved him cause I thought he was going to get hit for sure. The bathroom sprung a leak so some of the ceiling in the dinning room came down, then the fish tank filter got clogged and made that hole bigger.( at least it wasn't fixed yet. This was in about 48 hours, oh and one morning I woke to the cat throwing up. what a week.